Dance Walking Toronto 2017/08/31

Dance Walk Toronto
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Дата / время
18:30 - 20:30

Место старта
south east corner of Bathurst and Queens Quay West intersection in Toronto (Eireann Quay)

What is dance walking?

The idea is quite simple. We’re walking and dancing to the music in our headphones, freely improvising with neither constraints nor directives nor any requirements of a particular style. It’s a silent flash-mob, as the music sounds only in our headphones and no one else can hear it. We dance to a common play-list while walking along a predefined route around the city. The play-list is to be compiled a few days before the event, and everyone can suggest favorite tracks for the purpose. Same goes for the route of the dance-walk, which is open to discussion. In short, we’re planning to make a dancing trip around the city and enjoy it. We want to make it a regular monthly event in Toronto, record these events on video and eventually produce a film-performance in a year.

Here’s what members of the London band of dance walkers write about themselves:

«We find dance walking beneficial if you…

  • are looking for a way to overcome your fears and inhibitions;
  • like to feel more comfortable in public;  
  • look for a way to express more joy in life — love dancing;  
  • love meeting new people; — love exploring their city;  
  • love spreading love. »

These are words that dance walkers all around the world would subscribe to.
And, of course, it’s absolutely FREE.

We are gonna meet at the south east corner of Bathurst and Queens Quay West intersection in Toronto (Eireann Quay).

The music will be provided by us and made available through an online platform to be downloaded or streamed. You’ll bring your headphones and we’ll all press play at the same time!

We are also hoping to create a film documenting these walks (similar to the one posted below), so please be prepared to be filmed. If you are uncomfortable with that, let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure you aren’t in it!

We hope to see you there! Happy dancing!

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